Second Year


Now that you've declared a major, it's time to explore your career options. Use this checklist to guide your Sophomore year experience and go deeper into your field of study. 


☐  Take on leadership in campus clubs and activities.

☐  Talk to your professors about research opportunities.

☐  Meet with your OSV Personal Career Coach about career planning, internships & connecting your major to careers.

☐  Create a LinkedIn Profile to review with your OSV coach at Career Lab.

☐  Connect with alumni via informational interviews to explore career fields. (See our website for tips on how to find alumni and craft your emails using Mango.) 

☐  Complete your Handshake profile and follow companies you're interested in.

☐  Explore graduate school options by talking with faculty and researching online.

☐  Search for summer jobs, fellowships, research opportunities, or internships!