Third Year


This is a critical year for your career trajectory. Jobs and internships are going to be the keys to a successful Junior year. Be sure to walk closely with your career coach and focus on these things. 


☐  Take an internship class and get familiar with your career options!

☐  Meet with your OSV Personal Career Coach about career planning, internships & to see how you're doing on your Career Readiness Competencies.

☐  Update your resume and learn to write a cover letter.

☐  Connect with at least three professionals in your chosen field for informational interviews and career advice. 

☐  Invest in your Top 5 through a Strengths on Point Group Workshop with your friends or peers.

☐  While studying abroad, get an internship through your program to keep your skills sharp!

☐  If you're on the path to grad school, stay connected to your faculty advisor & create a plan.

☐  Hone your interviewing skills through a practice interview with your OSV Personal Career Coach.

☐  Get that last summer internship, fellowship, or research opportunity before senior year!