5 Easy sTeps:

  1. Create Resume and Reference Page*

  2. Go to Networking Events/Set Up Informational Interviews** with Professionals in Field of Interest Use “HandShake” to Find Internships Available

  3. Create Cover Letter Based Off Internship Descriptions

  4. Schedule and Attend Interviews

    1. Dress Professionally

    2. Bring Resume, Tailored Cover Letter, & Reference Page

    3. Arrive Early

    4. Maintain Eye Contact

    5. Firm Handshake

    6. Deliver Handwritten Thank You Note Following Interview

  5. Follow Up with Interview within the Time Stated on Cover Letter


(*set up an appointment with your OSV coach for help)

(**an informational interview when you interview someone in your field of interest to broaden your understanding of a specific field and fine tune your career goals)