1. Great headshot

You don't have to hire a professional photographer for this, but keep it professional and keep it simple. Typically a headshot is from the waist up and showcases your profession of interest. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and speaks your story! 

2. Compelling headline

Rather than "Student at Point Loma Nazarene University", try showing the world who you really are!


  • "Political Science student passionate about ending racism through virtual reality"
  • "Aspiring doctor pursuing neuroscience and curing cancer" 

3. Add Experience, Skills, Awards, etc.

Add a ton! Don't be shy, the more you add, the more employers will appreciate your diverse skill set and unique experiences. 

4. Edit URL

Steps to change your LinkedIn URL: 

  1. Click profile picture. 
  2. On right hand side, click "Edit your public profile" 
  3. Customize your "Public Profile URL" to www.linkedin.com/in/yourname
  4. Add to your resume!

5. Network with everyone

LinkedIn is unlike other social media platforms where it might be a little awkward to "Connect" with random strangers. Professional networking requires you to reach out to the random stranger because of a common interest or professional aspiration. Click the "Connect" button and "Add a note" to show them that you want to build a relationship with them. These networks are key to finding your future career. 

6. Search/apply for jobs

The jobs tab is extremely powerful. Click there, use key search words, and customize location. 

7. Get recommendations 

Recommendations are a great way to have other's speak highly of you! Reach out to professors, employers and mentors to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn. Click here to learn more.  

Additional Resources