FourTh Year


You made it to your Senior year! Congrats! Here are a few important action items to ensure you're ready to graduate and launch into the exciting season that's ahead.


☐  Meet with your OSV Personal Career Coach about your post-graduation career plan.

☐  Tailor your resume and cover letter to fit jobs to which you are applying.

☐  Connect with professionals in your chosen field for informational interviews to learn about different positions and companies.

☐  Review our website resources for tips on applying, interviewing and negotiating your post-grad job.

☐  If you are on the path to grad school, submit those applications and get letters of recommendation

☐  Update your LinkedIn profile and build your online network.

☐  Perfect your interviewing skills through a practice interview with your OSV Personal Career Coach.

☐  Apply to jobs and follow-up!

☐  Enjoy your last year and make the most of the friends and mentors you've made here at PLNU.