Resumes are the first impression to an employer. They show employers your education, experience, skills, and volunteer involvement. Here are 5 steps to make a killer resume: 

1. Keep it simple! 

No need to over-complicate things. Use these simple templates as starting points. Resumes shouldn't be longer than 1-page. (Unless you're a nursing student. Use Nursing Template instead).


2. Use a professional email address

For example, don't use or Rather use a simple email that is clear and concise like (but make sure it's your real name). 


3. Action  + Product + Result

When crafting your resume, it’s important to include examples of your accomplishments for each specific role or title you’ve held. This is best done by explaining an action you took on a project and the measurable results you noticed. Use the attached “Resume Action Verbs” worksheet to guide your accomplishment statements and make sure to include specific data/numbers in your results.


4. Add LinkedIn URL on resume

Steps to change your LinkedIn URL: 

  1. Click profile picture. 
  2. On right hand side, click "Edit your public profile" 
  3. Customize your "Public Profile URL" to
  4. Add to your resume!

5. Save and export as PDF 

Whether you use Word, Pages, or Google Docs, make sure you export files as PDF's before you upload or email your resume to an employer. 


Want to spruce up your resume?

Check out or My Perfect ResumeBest thing is you don't need to know Photoshop to use it.