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Design Your CAREER

Your college experience is a formative time in your life. Unfortunately, discovering a meaningful career isn't as easy as finding a good show on Netflix or buying something on Amazon.

It takes a little more work than that. 

At the Offices of Strengths & Vocation, we come alongside YOU to DESIGN YOUR CAREER. Every student has a personalized Career Coach to guide you on your career journey. Our coaches are equipped with tips on designing a purposeful career, developing your God-given strengths, creating a killer resume, and connecting with employers! 


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Assess Your SiTuaTion

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first things first

Why am I here?

Here are some possible musings: 

  1. What do my CliftonStrengths mean? How do I use them to design my career? 

  2. Who is my Career Coach and how do I set up an appointment
  3. How do I find a job
  4. I need help with my resume
  5. What is networking and why does it matter?  
  6. I need a practice interview
  7. What should I do this summer? Find an internship or job.

Step 2 

MeeT Your Career Coach

Find your major. Meet your coach. 


book an appointment with a coach 


Step 3 

VisiT Us

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Two LocaTions

  • 3rd Floor of the Ryan Learning Center

  • Fermanian School of Business (Nick's Office)


Call: 619-849-2446

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Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.
— Frederick Buechner
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